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About Us:

It all started during a summer night in 2008 by two friends obsessed about watches, accessories, and online business opportunities. We started as a small trading business, but we realized quickly that in order to serve our customers / friends better, to have more control on quality, and to have a competitive price we started importing our own products. Fast forward 9 years, we branched from watches to cover most of fashion accessories for both men and women.

In Sa3tak, we value:

Our Employees, we encourage a friendly work environment, and we believe a happy employee would lead to satisfied customers

Our Partners in Success, specially the bikers whom are responsible of delivering orders to your door, we know how hard it is to drive your way in Cairo traffic for an hour or two, let alone driving all day to make sure to deliver orders in as convenient as possible conditions to our customer

Our Honored Customers, whom were always encouraging and trusting in Sa3tak since day one. You will be always our inspiration and your satisfaction is what motivates us at Sa3tak.com

Sa3tak Team